Friday, October 26, 2007

Nude Saunas - part of everyday life in Helsinki

Public nude saunas are a part of everyday life in Helsinki, as reporter Sarah Shuckburgh discovered on a recent visit. Helsinki residents visit saunas after work to relaxand socialize, similar to the way North Americans stop at their neighborhood bar or coffee shop after a day on the job. Nudity is considered natural in Finland, and citizens tout the saunas' health benefits saying they have fewer colds and other illnesses because of this stress-free, natural way of life. Did Schuckburghdecide to try the saunas herself? At the end of her article, she says she was so relaxed after the experience that she slept "lulled by the rhythmic splashing ofnude swimmers in the pool below." See more here.

Here at Living Waters Spa we have a wonderful sauna. Vintage heart redwood interior and the heating element from Finland.

European guests who are "sauna experts" have told us that our sauna is the best they have experienced in America. So come and check it out! And yes, you can do it like in Helsinki - naked!