Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Living Waters Spa: Healing the Mind, Body and Soul

The following is taken from a guests review on TripAdvisor.

My wife had just undergone a month of chemo and radiation treatment for uterine cancer (complete hysterectomy three months before) and was scheduled to start a three-month round of intensive chemo in about a month. I thought it would be nice to take her to one of her favorite spas in Desert Hot Springs for a night off; we have about 75 animals, dogs, cats, birds, etc., so one night off is a big deal for her. I was going to book us in at one of the spas we'd been to before, but on a whim I decided to look at the top rated spas in the area--and there was Living Waters rated #1. There was just one small hitch--it was clothing optional. My wife is pretty open minded so I called up and started the reservation process with Jeff, but about half way through I thought I had better consult with my wife, so I trudged to the "bird room" to run it by her. At first she was ok with it but then thought about her recent hysterectomy scars and changed her mind. But after a couple minute chat with Jeff, she changed her answer to "yes", with certain reservations. That is she got to put on a one-piece bathing suit if she wasn't comfortable being naked around other people.

Five minutes after we arrived in Living Waters she was totally ok with being a nudist, so to speak, because of Judy and Jeff's open minded attitude. They especially make you feel right at home in the spa having drinks with them at 3:00. There was also a much larger swimming pool that has a cooler temperature where you can cool off after being in the spa. The resort is clean and spacious, well appointed, and the rooms are reasonably large and comfortable. We spent a very pleasant afternoon and evening in an ambiance of openness and cordiality that was lacking in any other spa we had been to--just what my wife was looking for. 

There were 8 or 9 other couples there and within minutes it was as if several of us had known each other a long time. We had never found that kind of atmosphere at any other spa. My wife enjoyed herself so much that she wants to go back at least once during her next round of chemo even if she has no hair. The ambiance is that open and accepting. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Clothing Optional... what it's all about - FAQ's

"We are interested in trying "clothing optional" but we are worried about other people finding out and not understanding. Will our privacy be guarded?"

Your privacy is YOUR privacy. We do not give out any personal information about our guests. While you stay with us you'll be with those who, like you, are concerned with privacy. So, rest assured that your visit will be kept confidential. We understand the difficulty that people might have in trying to grasp the purity of simple nudity and European style sunbathing. We've had people from all walks of life: Pastors to Police; Doctors to Dairy Farmers; Musicians to Monks -- well you get the picture. Since 2003 we've become the "oasis" for folks needing to recharge. Is it time for you? Poke around our website and learn more: www.LivingWatersSpa.com.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Clothing Optional (or Nudist) Questions & Answers

Living Waters Spa opened it's doors back in 2003... I'd have to say that since that time we've "heard it all" in the form of questions from potential guests.  Here are some commonly asked questions and our answers.

Clothing Optional... what it's all about
Our facility is completely private and "European style" clothing-optional. You are encouraged to soak in our healing mineral waters au naturel and enjoy this total immersion in nature. For generations Europeans have visited the "spas" and have sunbathed nude. We Americans are now realizing how relaxing this "nude recreation" can be.  Swimsuit optional vacations are now becoming common for us and we are discovering what our European friends have known all along -- such simple nudity is total freedom. We've designed our place to give "first timers" the best clothes free experience possible. At Living Waters Spa we provide you the coolest vacation souvenir of all: no tan-lines!

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
What do you mean by "European Style Clothing Optional?"
For years Europeans have had a more self-accepting view of the body than Americans.  They understand that simple nudity is just that - simple nudity.  Consequently they are not ashamed of going "au naturel" when at the spa.  We have found once people try it they discover a new found joy.  To float, swim, soak or sunbathe without any restrictions is a luxurious and free feeling.  At Living Waters Spa you are welcome to enjoy our entire facility sans-clothing -- most do -- but it is up to you.  There is no pressure...after all, you are on vacation or as they say in Europe: "holiday!"

We are interested in trying "clothing optional" but we are worried about other people finding out and not understanding.  Will our privacy be guarded?
Your privacy is YOUR privacy.  We do not give out any personal information about our guests.  While you stay with us you'll be with those who, like you, are concerned with privacy.  So, rest assured that your visit will be kept confidential.  We understand the difficulty that people might have in trying to grasp the purity of simple nudity and European style sunbathing.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10 Years of "More Than A Vacation"

It was 10 years ago that we set out to create an "oasis" in the desert where people could come and experience "more than a vacation." Little did we know that the worst economic times were just around the corner...

But we made it! 10 years of helping people learn that nude does not mean lewd; that swimming / soaking in mineral water feels fantastic (and is good for you too); and that massage should be transportive and healing.

To celebrate, we are having a big 10th Anniversary Party on November 9. We will be providing a great Italian dinner and wine tasting experience. Plus we'll be showing pictures of our renovation and the "fun" we had getting Living Waters Spa off the ground.

See our website for other upcoming events and specials if you cannot attend our big Anniversary Party.

Call us ASAP to reserve your spot at our 10th Anniversary Party. 760-329-9988 (8 am to 8 pm Pacific)

Yours at YOUR oasis,

Jeff & Judy
Here is a picture from out 9th Anniversary - SUSHI!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Beautiful Body Project

We just discovered this amazing website where the goal is to help women realize that they ARE beautiful just as they are... Here at LWS we have women (and men too) of all ages, sizes, and shapes. There is something transformative about simply "being" in your skin alone. It does vary from person to person, but the bottom line is self-acceptance. Experiencing "every body is beautiful" for yourself is why Living Waters exists. http://www.abeautifulbodyproject.com/

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stretchmarks and Scars...

Here at Living Waters Spa body acceptance "happens" as folks get in to their "nakies" and realize that they too are simply human. Some of the more profound aspects of acceptance are women whose bodies have been changed by childbearing. We think scars and stretch marks are the badges of courage of motherhood. Here is an artist who feels the same way.

Monday, June 10, 2013

What it is like to visit Living Waters Spa: a guest perspective

Living Waters Spa is a paradise for those of us who just want to live out the day au naturel, absorbing the SoCal sun and relaxing with books, conversation and a cold beverage along the way, in a safe, comfortable, hassle-free environment. My wife and I are occasional visitors to San Diego's Blacks Beach and do enjoy a skinny dip in our own backyard pool when circumstances allow, but we are rookies to the clothing-optional spa experience, and Living Waters Spa (LWS) has ensured that we will very quickly become veterans. We're so enamored of the place, in fact, that we booked a return visit just several weeks hence before we’d even checked out.

What LWS is not: As the owners, through their website, promotional materials, and responses in this forum, make clear, LWS is NOT a "hook up" joint. It is not for those looking for a party by the pool. And it is not a large facility that accommodates enough guests to fill a small village. LWS will not tolerate sexual activity in its public spaces - though it certainly does allow, and even blesses, public displays of affection that would be appropriate in any other public setting, and it certainly has no issue with its overnight guests getting a groove on in the blinds-closed privacy of their poolside suites or adjacent condos. LWS expects that noise from guests be limited to normal conversational tones. LWS does pipe in music through its poolside sound system, but you'll find only the soft sounds of relaxation tracks and not the manic beats of a DJ club mix.

What LWS is: LWS is a spa, built for the purpose of rest & relaxation, sans clothing, in a private, peaceful and intimate setting. It is a reclaimed mid-century motor hotel formerly known as Kismet Lodge (and still proudly displays the original neon marquee bearing that name). The main property is a U-shaped structure with eight guest rooms and a massage studio surrounding two pools, through which naturally heated mineral water flows constantly from an underground source. The "small" pool is the warmer of the two (I'm guessing 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and is protected from the summer sun by an overhead canopy. The large pool below, which receives its in-flow of water from the smaller pool courtesy the natural tug of gravity, has full exposure to the day's sun and (I’d guess) sits at a very comfortable 90 degrees. The public area around the two pools is comfortable but quaint, so don't come looking for room to run around. Even then, if all of the 20 or so lounge chairs by the pool and on the sun deck were full of bodies, each guest would have ample personal space.

My wife and I stayed in Room 8 - a "corner" suite with full kitchen situated at one end of the "U," not more than twelve feet from the pool - and absolutely loved it.  As with the rest of the property, the room reflects the spa's mid-century heritage but is very well maintained, very clean, and very comfortable (especially the custom-designed king bed). With the full kitchen (most of the units have them), we were able to bring all of our own food and drink and never leave the spa's protective walls, meaning we could savor the bliss of non-stop nakedness from arrival to departure. The rooms are not large, and neither are the bathrooms, but the quarters are certainly spacious enough for two people with a reasonable sense of proportion, and especially for those who prefer to spend their time doing what they've paid for - relaxing in and beside the pools under the sun during the day and the stars at night. For guests who need more living space, LWS also owns six 2-bedroom spa condos just across the street (but also outside the protective walls of the spa proper, meaning you have to don shorts and tee shirt at least twice a day).

We also discovered almost immediately upon arrival that the signature LWS massage, especially when done in the couples format, is a little slice of heaven on earth.  And lest you think any "funny business" might take place, know going in that the LWS massage therapists are (a) fully clothed and (b) consummately professional in every respect. And they are very good at what they do. Very well worth the extra splurge, especially when you know your "sweetie" is receiving the very same treatment just a few feet away (something you should take at least a little time to observe when the position of your own body on the table allows).

Other touches include: A personal greeting at the front gate by Jeff, Judy or one of the staff when you arrive (and be prepared for their wrap-towels to fall away, and your clothing-optional experience to begin, as soon as the gate closes behind you); continental-style breakfast from 8:00 to 10:00 each morning (complete with fresh-brewed coffee made from fresh-ground Starbucks beans); and beverages with light snacks in the warmth of the small pool at 3:00 each day. Overnight guests who have checked out of their rooms are welcome to extend their stay on the grounds until 5:00pm, when the spa closes to day-use customers; while departing guests whose rooms are not otherwise booked by incoming guests can remain in their rooms all the way up to 5:00. And, of course, we can’t forget the beautiful, panoramic view of Mt. San Jacinto, which towers almost 11,000 over the Coachella Valley floor below.

If you're a newcomer who is, as we were, at least a smidge apprehensive at the thought of making conversation with strangers while nude in three feet of water, don't worry. We found the apprehension melting away almost immediately upon our noontime arrival, and it was long gone by the time we finished our 1:30 massages and made our way to the first 3:00 refreshment break of our stay.

You can tell by now that my wife and I left LWS with nothing but excitement for the clothing-optional spa experience and gratitude that we live close enough to return anytime and every time we wish. Jeff & Judy (and Lily & Kat), thank you for making our first time - and our wedding anniversary to boot! - a very special experience.