Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vaseline Continues Nude Advertising

I'm always happy when our media does something good for body acceptance. Vaseline is one such company who has done some great "skin is good" kind of ads.

In addition to Vaseline's ad campaign "Sea of Skin," the company has added Skin Visions to its website, featuring five nude celebrities who tell what their skin reveals about them. According to the website promo, Vaseline wants consumers to see skin the way they do--"up close, in detail, as a deeper reflection of the individual." Watch the Sea of Skin ad clip, view the celebrity portraits or even share your own skin portrait at

As a massage therapist I get to see and touch all kinds of skin - the largest and forgotten organ of the body. Plus at Living Waters Spa you get to "be in your skin" as you try skinny-dipping in our pure mineral water.

When was the last time you pampered yourself, your skin, with a wonderful massage. Our massage is transformative in nature. Many of our guests comment that they've never had a "true massage" until receiving our massage.

Check out this YouTube video of our "couples massage":

Is it time to "get into your skin?" or be nurtured with a massage?
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