Thursday, May 8, 2008

Body Acceptance Promoted by Allure Magazine

The May issue of Allure magazine features an article titled "Skin Deep." Citing some recent attitudes regarding nudity (such as the nude statues in the Department of Justice - shown here - that were covered with drapes in 2002 at a cost of $8,000 to taxpayers and a museum photo of a naked Venus banned from London's Underground ) the article states that "Clearly, nudity--even at its most artistic--can cause unreasonable alarm." The photographic portraits of the five actresses: Angie Harmon, Gabrielle Union, Zoe McLellan, Jill Scott, and Ana Ortiz are "far from pornographic . . . and vividly illustrate strong women who are confident and uninterested in offering cheap thrills." Says Harmon, "This experience wasn't about being a sex object. It's about showing the female body in a positive, beautiful way." Jill Scott noted, "nobody ever celebrates women whose bodies are bigger than a size 8. But here I am naked in a magazine at size 16. I hope I can be an inspiration to all women. We're all beautiful, each and every one of us." The issue is on newsstands now.

Simple nudity is so poorly understood in our society. At Living Waters Spa each week people come from all over to experience the ol' fashioned skinny-dipping. It is actually becoming more "hip" and "chic" as the younger generation understands more about body acceptance. It isn't sexual -- it is self (and others) acceptance!

We have all sizes, shapes, and ages of folks that come to the spa... often having a transformative experience as they are naked and see that what matters is that it "really doesn't matter."